Dental Implants

Dental implants create an artificial root that is anchored in the jaw bone to replace one or more missing teeth, then capped with a closely matched crown. It's the preferred solution for a natural and long-lasting smile.

Why Dental Implants?

  • Feels and looks just like a normal tooth
  • A routine treatment with very high success rate
  • Replaces lost or missing teeth to restore confidence
  • Considered to be the best way to effectively replace missing teeth
  • Improves appearance, functionality and quality of life.

Our Process

Dental implants is a procedure that requires sound dental health to begin with. We start with a detailed examination to check you have plenty of healthy bone structure. This is followed by a series of scans to help position the titanium implant and temporary crown.

We employ guided dental implant surgery, which is less invasive and more comfortable for our patients. This surgery is made possible by using implant planning software, which marries patient X-rays with models, leading to faster recovery time.

Once the implant is in, you will wear it for between several months up to six months until the bone can grow around the implant.

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